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1:1 Cluster Support Programme

Mentoring for Cluster THE NEXT SOCIETY

Based on the success of THE NEXT SOCIETY original mentoring programme for clusters, it has been decided to replicate it with some added value! 

The new 1:1 Cluster Support Programme proposed is coordinated by ACCIO for a period of 10 months.

What is it?
15 mentors from Europe are matched with 15 mentees from the MENA region according to their complementary needs and cooperation interests.
This new support programme also looks to foster relationships between the mentors on one side and the mentees on the other side, and they will have separate sessions along the way to share their respective experiences.
Moreover, the topics tackled during the bilateral meetings will include the issue of the COVID-19 crisis, its consequences and how to bounce back.

For whom? 
15 European cluster practitioners (cluster managers and cluster management experts) and 15 cluster managers from the MENA region

From October 2020 until July 2021 


More information on the call for applications to be shared soon, stay tuned!