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2nd Policy Lab: How to strengthen women entrepreneurship


How to strengthen women entrepreneurship: The Egyptian experience of the Heya Reada Programme

INSME and THE NEXT SOCIETY organise the 2nd Policy Lab taking place on the 30th of September at 3 p.m. CEST, focused on the Heya Reada Programme implemented by the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIEC) to boost female entrepreneurship in Egypt.

The Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem is growing at a very fast pace, but women entrepreneurs often struggle to emerge. Providing women with hard and soft skills that enable them to enhance their self-confidence and boost their competencies is one of the key elements to enhance competitiveness and stimulate the entrepreneurial ecosystem growth. The programme promoted by TIEC demonstrates that the support to innovative ideas led women to start their own business and that a considerable percentage of the participants to the trainings offered within the framework of the Heya Reada Programme created their own business or enhanced their success rate. 

The policy lab will be a unique occasion to explore the background that led to the creation of the Heya Reada Programme, the obstacles - like the difficulties in reaching the target group - met during its implementation, the results it brought and its potential replicability in other countries of the Mediterranean basin were women struggle to find their way to start a business.

The debate will be moderated by INSME Secretary General Giovanni Zazzerini who will animate a stimulating discussion whose protagonists will be:

•    Rasha Tantawy, Head of Business Support & Entrepreneurship Department, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), Egypt, who will offer insights on the Egyptian ecosystem
•    Faten Salem, Entrepreneurship Support Senior Specialist, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), Egypt who will depict the Heya Reada Programme, by highlighting the results achieved so far and its potential replicability
•    Farah Ahmed, Founder, The Baby Garage, Egypt, an entrepreneur who will share her successful experience with the Heya Reada programme. 

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