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3rd meeting of the Advocacy Panel in Lebanon


THE NEXT SOCIETY organises the 3rd meeting of the National Advocacy Panel for an Innovation Policy Agenda in Lebanon, which will be held in Beirut on 20 march 2020.

This high level meeting is organised by Berytech with the support of ANIMA Investment Network in the frame of THE NEXT SOCIETY.

Acting as a Task Force at national level, the goal of THE NEXT SOCIETY Advocacy Panel has been, since two years, to oversee innovation roadmap formulation, its implementation, evaluation and update, with the objective of:

  • Strengthening the national Innovation system,
  • Fostering coordination among actors involved
  • Improving concrete instruments of the innovation policy.

This third meeting of the Advocacy Panel is therefore the culmination of the advocacy work conducted by THE NEXT SOCIETY since 2017 on technology transfer issue, and will be handed over to the authorities and the actors associated in order to initiate a reform work at their level.
To do so, outcomes of this mission will be presented to an audience composed of policy makers, universities’ top management, private sector representatives, innovation stakeholders, relevant Ministries and the European Union Delegation to Lebanon, based on operational recommendations addressed to them and classified according to their expected impact and ease of implementation.