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GST (Geo Solutions Technology)

BtoB mobile solution for sales and distribution team management.
Nesria Lehiani, Geo Solutions Technology

GST (Geo Solutions Technology) has developed VENDIS, a package of 3 mobile solutions and sales force automation software suitable to different distribution channels: Wholesale, Retail and Supermarkets.

VENDIS system provides managers with a way to monitor, from anywhere and at any time, all team’s activities working outside the office (sales forces, delivery, debt cover, merchandiser....). It also automates the distribution process and helps with decision making.

VENDIS value proposition is to:
-    Improve productivity of sales team.
-    Make the most of time, by increasing efficiency, productivity, and performance.
-    Enhance customer service and satisfaction.
-    Increase sales coverage and product diversity.
-    Eliminate manual data entry.
-    Complete control and tracking of sales teams and market.
-    Simplifies reporting and real time data analysis.

GST was one of the winners of the pitching session organised by THE NEXT SOCIETY in Tunisia and joined the community in 2018.  

In October 2018, GST won the AfricArena Challenge in Tunisia and was selected to come and pitch at the AfricArena Conference in Cape Town in November 2018.


Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Tech and software
Team: 6
Contact: Nesria Lehiani, CEO | nesria.lehiani@gst-tunisie.com | +21670 731 726 | +21652623764

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