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Solution that helps the farmers to improve their management and production.

Farming is facing challenges. The world’s consumption increases and the resources (water, inputs, qualified labor ...) are less available. Farms need to shift their management from the traditional to the industrial way.

The most important challenges are:
1-Difficulty to control the production cost
2-Lack of visibility on the planned operations and the needed resources
3-Always new requirements on traceability to get the right certifications.

ERP Agro provides an answer to these problems. It has been engineered to include all the farming processes and to provide a lot of amazing reports and analysis. ERP Agro is growing fast. They seek investment to better serve the local and the international market.


Country: Algeria
Sector(s): Agrifood, Business solutions, Tech & Software
Team: 7
Contact: Nassim Ilmane, Manager Industrial Engineer | nassim@ai-technologies.co | Tel: +213 671410427

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