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Innovate the untapped marine resources for sustainable economic development
Team Algo Agar

AlgoAgar is an innovative start-up that aims to exploit the untapped marine resources in Algeria, the algae.
A seaweed population of about 137 species exists in Algeria, 60% of which is endemic to Mostaganem’s coast. The project is based on cutting-edge technology and focuses on three main points:

•    Developing the red algae processing sector (Agar-Agar extraction);
•    Revaluing the waste for remodelling as co-products;
•    Enhancing the industry of seaweed farming by scientific and technical research.

AlgoAgar is also a compromise for the country's trade balance. The implementation of this project, which requires very little resources, will allow the development of rational and sustainable exploitation of algal resources, promote socio-economic development and diversify the exploitation of high value-added products in the country.
It has joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2019 when it was selected to integrate the 2nd promotion of startups benefiting from the Start-up Booster Track in Algeria.


Country: Algeria
Sector(s): Agrifood industry
Team: 2
Contact: Karima Bougueroua, Co-Founder, kari.bougueroua@gmail.com - Tel: +213 555829691

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