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A healthcare start-up offering devices connected to a platform allowing remote monitoring of patients

AngelDoc is a diversified healthcare startup that offers devices connected to a platform allowing remote monitoring of patients.
AngelDoc is a diversified healthcare start-up that aims to support patients with chronic diseases to live healthier lives.

AngelDoc aims to build its own healthcare monitoring devices by cooperating with the Research and Development Unit that builds innovative devices and develop intelligent software. AngelDoc is already based on an ECG Patch Monitor patent which is a ubiquitous healthcare monitoring system to prevent heart attack.

It offers leading connected medical devices and a software platform to intervene instantly in the case of health concerns. 

These devices allow continuous monitoring of glucose, blood pressure, heart function, etc. and include Artificial Intelligent based algorithms that analyse data and trigger alerts if any anomaly detected. 

Our medical staff, always available online 24/7, listens to our patients and monitors their health state in real-time. 

If an alert is triggered, the doctor nearest to the patient area moves to diagnose the patient's condition. If his case requires urgent hospital admission, a medical ambulance is then mobilised.


Website: https://ecgpatchmonitor.wixsite.com/website 
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): e-Health  
Team: 7
Contact: Tesnim Charrad and Kaouther Nouira, co-Founders | charradtesnim@gmail.com ; kaouther.nouira@gmail.com

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