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A tool created to facilitate the watch on international funding opportunities


ANIMapp accelerates clusters cooperation with the actors of economic development, thus allowing to highlight their activities and impact

Mediterranean clusters and innovation hubs -incubators, accelerators, fab lab, co-working spaces, technology transfer centres regularly express the wish to develop their network and cooperation at the international level and the need of support in this field. Access to funding is among the critical issues to strengthen their positioning on economic cooperation in the region. ANIMapp aims to accelerate their cooperation with the actors of economic development, thus allowing to highlight their activities and impact.


The app

ANIMapp allows you to identify international funding opportunities (calls for projects) through a personalized watch, with multi-criteria search and alerts. 

It gathers innovation hubs with ANIMA members, allowing users to interact and develop cooperations.


Your impact

To increase the participation of clusters, innovation hubs and their members in international cooperation in order to generate changes and opportunities for the territories and the sectors promoted.

Going international & Fundraising

THE NEXT SOCIETY fosters economic cooperation in the Mediterranean through the engagement of clusters and innovation hubs' communities in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. Clusters registered on i-Maps can access the ANIMapp service and benefit from a customised watch on public and private international funding opportunities.

The app offers access to different functionalities:

  • An advanced and multi-criteria search engine on funding opportunities
  • A directory of members registered on ANIMapp
  • A discussion thread between the members of the ANIMA network to promote information sharing and develop cooperation
  • An interactive map and calendar of calls for proposals, as well as the activities and events of the ANIMA network


To benefit from ANIMapp, please follow this link to access the form to create your account and customise your parameters.

For more information, please contact Aurélien Baudoin, Director, Network & Development,
+33 4 96 11 18 63 – aurelien.baudoin@anima.coop