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Asklepios is a direct, real-time communication channel between patients with chronic diseases requiring ongoing follow-up and their physicians.

Asklepios combines the accessibility of smartphones with the power of new technologies such as cloud, Artificial Intelligence and cryptography and turn the smartphone into a wearable device for chronic diseases.

It is the first platform on the market that provides real-time, intelligent patient monitoring outside health facilities without the use of wearable devices.

Asklepios will allow an early clinical therapeutic evaluation that will speed up the biological and radiological evaluation with a view to switching to a subsequent line of treatment quickly in order to avoid the patient’s loss of chances associated with slow process.

It allows patients to communicate real-time information on their current state of health according to their illness via the mobile application.

Physicians will have full access to their patients' health indicators and monitor them in real time with their application in graphs and alerts.

This will help medical staff assess the toxicity and response to treatment and make personalized treatment decisions: change treatment, reduce doses, change medications.  

Asklepios is a SaaS software, it will be available on all platforms.


Website: www.asklepios.io
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Health         
Team: 5
Contact: Youssef Elbehi, CEO | youssef.elbehi@gmail.com | Tel: +216-20529728

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