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Azr Technologies

Azr Technologies is developing an exoskeleton robot to help the old and disabled people who has mobile disabilities.

Azr Technologies focused on developing patentable game-changing products with businesses across the globe.

Azr Technologies works in electromechanical and biotechnology fields. It's producing exoskeleton robots for disabled people and other helping devices and technological solutions.

They are selling different innovative solutions for IT companies, factories, and medical organizations, this solutions are software or hardware that designed specially for these clients, according to their request.

They have three versions of the exoskeleton robot.
The first one, for people who have weaknesses in their muscles, it works by using sensors that receive signals from the nerves in lower limb to the processors which will produce the desired movement by the robot.
The second one for the people who have motor nerve dysfunction in their lower limb which can be controlled by joystick or any control panel. These two versions have been already designed and preparing for safety tests to reach the final step which is the selling.
The later one is under development and research.


Website: www.azrtechs.com
Country: Palestine
Sector(s): Biotech       
Team: 4
Contact: Mahmood Barham, CEO  | mbarham@azrtechs.com | Tel: +972-595349324

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