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Benchmarking visits and training tour in Italy

Benchmarking Visits and Training

The second Benchmarking Visits & Training Tour held by THE NEXT SOCIETY starts in Piedmont, Italy. This Monday, June 10th, eight cluster managers and representatives from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, participate to this exciting and inspiring second 4-day seminar and have the opportunity to meet their peers from Piedmont. 

The role of clusters regarding innovation, how to improve your business model, service portfolio and digital communication, as well as networking session and study visits make up the activities which are offered during these 4 days. 

The week program will combine theoretical sessions and workshops based on case studies in order to develop exhanges and cooperation between the participants, and a networking event opened to clusters, innovative hubs and Piedmont businesses interested in Mediterranean markets. The main objective is to offer to South Mediterranean cluster managers new methodologies and new tools improving management, as identified in their clusters diagnostic phase, to generate new contacts, coordinated by France Clusters.

The Second Benchmarking Visits and Training tour is organised by Ceipiemonte, host of the Mediterranean delegation, and by France Clusters, the coordinator of Cluster Booster Track, both partners of THE NEXT SOCIETY, initiative held by ANIMA Investment Network.

In 2019 and 2020, two other seminars will be organised by France Clusters and AWEX in Wallonia (Belgium) and ARII Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France). These seminars will be set up to improve clusters management practices by developing new cooperation opportunities.

Contact : Sara Botti

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