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Developing innovative IoT solutions for medical imaging devices.
Mostafa ElWakeel, BioBusiness Owner

BioBusiness was established in 2009. It has developed an innovative IoT solution for medical imaging devices that include MRI, CTScan and X-Ray. Its device Inspector reduces the cost of device maintenance per an estimated amount of USD 10K per year at 10% of the cost.
Inspector comes with a set of sensors and communication devices that solve the challenges of communication inside medical imaging rooms.
Its customers include GE, Siemens and Philips among many others. Its has nearly 1,000 installed devices worldwide and grows at more than 100% year to year with revenue of $700K last year.

BioBusiness joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2018. 


Website: www.biobusiness-eg.com
Country: Egypt
Sector(s): IoT for medical devices and healthcare
Team: 20
Contact: Tamer Ahmed, Business Development Manager | tamer.ahmed@biobusiness-eg.com | +20237526895 | +201223571059

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