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Automatic accident detection and notification to rescue services app.
Wael Noufal, BlinkApp

BlinkApp is an automatic accident detection and notification system based on smartphones allowing for fast response time and notification for rescue service in 70 milliseconds. 
Through research based on conducting detailed crash simulations, advanced crash analytical modelling, and experimenting with micro-crash testbed, Blink has a complex on-mobile algorithms that can identify the crash based on the mobile movement inside the car, while the crash is happening, and yet does not consume much power. 
This provides an edge for Blink over competition that generally rely on less realistic models and consequently less accuracy together with high power requirement. 

BlinkApp won 15,000 dollars at MIT EF Pan-Arab Start-up Competition 2017 in the Ideas Track category, and joined THE NEXT SOCIETY in 2017. 


Website: blinkapp.net
Country: Egypt
Sector(s): Global Impact, Smart Cities
Contact: Wael Noufal, Founder | noufal@blinkapp.net

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