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A smart, go-to community carpooling app and platform!
Mohammad Nabaa & Ralph Khailarallah, Co-Founders  of Carpolo

Carpolo is a smart platform promoting carpooling for communities. It aims to become a search engine for un-used car space by incentivising members of the same community to list their empty car seats.

The platform offers several competitive advantages focused on environmental, economical and social responsibility impact:

  • A customized marketplace allows institutional clients to choose the rewards for their own carpoolers.
  • An insightful analytics tool monitors CO2 emissions saved and calculates overall impact of carpooling within the community.
  • A gamified point-based reward system reward and incentivize carpoolers based on ratings and frequency of carpooling activity.

Carpolo joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2017 when it was selected online to participate in BigBooster International Startups Acceleration Program.


Website: www.carpolo.co
Country: Lebanon
Sector(s): Carpooling, Transport
Contact: Mohammad Nabaa & Ralph Khailarallah, Co-Founders | mnabaa@carpolo.co | +9613135525

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