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CE3M – Cluster Electronique, Mécatronique & Mécanique du Maroc

Federate the key players in electronics to offer innovative proiducts made in Morocco!

The CE3M Cluster animates and structures in Morocco a major space of innovation and specialised skills in Electronics, Microelectronics and Mechatronics.

Through collaborative projects, the CE3M Cluster contributes to the creation and production of products and services that are able to establish themselves at the national and international level, and meet the innovation needs of SMEs and major Moroccan and foreign clients. The cluster works on three objectives: 

•    Promote innovation
•    Strengthen Moroccan Industrial potential in the Electronis sector
•    Create the appropriate environment fot the emergence of high value-added activites

Created in 2010, the CE3M Cluster develops industry-research-training partnerships, at national and international level, in the Electronics, Microelectronics, Railways, Aeronautics, Automotive, Medical, Energy and all industries integrating electronics.


The Cluster Electronique, Mécatronique & Mécanique du Maroc joined THE NEXT SOCIETY Cluster Booster Track in 2017.


Website: www.ce3m.ma
Country: Morocco
Sector(s): Electronics, Mechatronics
Team: 83
Contact: Nourdine BOUYAAKOUB, General Director | bouyaakoub@ce3m.ma | Tel: +212 662 070 947

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