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Check Skin Health

Tunisian IoT application for early detection of deadliest skin cancer: Melanoma
Check Skin Health research-based start-up in Tunisia

Skin cancer incidence has continuously increased over the past three decades and early detection is key to treating it. Check Skin Health offers an IoT application based on software and hardware solutions for the early detection of the deadliest skin cancer, the Melanoma. 

This IoT application connects patients, dermatologists, hospitals and clinics via technology and software. It improves treatment results, disease monitoring and reduces treatment time. The patient provides the image of the lesion and other relevant medical data if any using a hardware solution such as a tablet). Based on a software solution, this image and the data are connected to an IoT network and analysed by Check Skin Health’s Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD). The diagnosis is eventually made by dermatologists connected to the IoT application. The lesion images are stored in the cloud to create a big national database.

Check Skin Health also develops an industrial tablet with several sensors (such as an optical camera, barcode reader, etc.).


Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), E-Health
Team: 5
Contact: Abbes Wiem, Project Manager of Check Skin Health, Ph.D student and temporary Teacher | wiem.abbes@enis.tn