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An ecosystem of connections

Menara is an association specialised in the agri-food and luxury cosmetics industries. The strategy of the Menara cluster includes, in addition to promoting innovation and support of SMEs for the penetration of international markets, the incubation of startups and investments projects, which will increase the attractiveness of the territory of the cluster and will make it a landing plateform for foreign investors. Three priorities have been defined to reached this goal:

  • Valorisation of local products in new added value food concepts/value cosmetics and beauty concepts
  • Packaging solution for food and beauty industries, specifically the ones valorising national know-hows in craft and design industries
  • Genentech for the treatment of industrial wastes (food and cosmetics industries)

Created in 2012, the Menara Cluster consolidates networking dynamics by signing partnerships with various typs of national and international structures, which have a positive impact on the competitiveness of the Moroccan cosmetic and agri-food industry.

The Moroccan Cluster Menara joined THE NEXT SOCIETY Cluster Booster Track in 2017.


Website: www.clustermenara.com

Country: Morocco

Sectors: Food Industry and cosmetics for luxury and upscale markets

Members: 70

Contact: Kaoutar FILIALI, General Director -  clustermenara@gmail.com; Tel: +212 618 94 78 53 / +212 45 85 90 41

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