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Disruptive Innovation Programme


ACCIO, partner of THE NEXT SOCIETY, organises on November 8 & 9 the Disruptive Innovation Programme. A two days workshop focused on clusters and businesses in the food and energy sectors.

The clusters have to face new challenges: the great consumer shift, a new way of doing business and advanced technology. 

How are you going to be the business of the future? How do you need to prepare your organization and your partners?

During this workshop we will work together -clusters and associated companies- to discover new business opportunities that combine: 

  • sustainability & velocity;
  • local sufficiency & global quality.

In a challenge where what travels and what we share are "more (+) bits and  (-) less atoms"

bits= information, data, knowledge / atoms= physical products

ACCIO will guide the process with the Pentagrowth Methodology, where you will learn how to:

  • anticipate the future;
  • discover the resources that you already have;
  • explore the external potential;
  • combine to co-create new business opportunities.

Do you want to co-create disruptive solutions for your business

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