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Improve health services through digital and innovative technology, and bridge distance and time between doctors and their patients.

Drapp is an app connecting patients to their chosen doctors for online medical consultations. It is the first of its kind in the region, opening wider the door to digital health and Telemedicine.

Drapp is available on both Apple Store and Google Play (https://drapp.me/download), where after the download, the patient can invite his/her own Doctors.

Once connected, patients can get medical online consultation  anytime, anywhere, with their chosen doctors. Drapp's aim is to bridge distance and time between patients and healthcare providers, and facilitate the provision of medical care by using new technologies.


Website: drapp.me
Country: Lebanon
Sector(s): Health
Team: 6
Contact: Faiza Hankir, Manager Marketing & Digital Programs | info@drapp.me | Tel: +961 70800727

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