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DrillSERV startup is looking for innovative solutions in AgriTech / WaterTech

In the world, there is 2.3 Billion (33% of world popularity) live with ground-water resources that 1.3 Billion (22% of world popularity) live in countries with water scarcity such as North African Countries (FAO statistics).

In Tunisia, there is two mains problems, the first is that 80% of fresh ground-water resources are non-renewable and the second, is the highest percentage of water waste is in irrigation sector.

It is for this reason that DrillSERV has been created which is a Tunisian startup thatoperate in water drilling services and management of ground-water resources.

Their innovative solution is to give a mobile application for farmers based on data recorded by their equipment’s for drilling companies in order to guide farmers to prolongate water well life and to reduce the cost of water exploitation especially in the irrigation uses, and to find out how farmers think about managing water resources, DrillSERV makes field trips to communicate with farmers and directs them to protect their water resources.


Website: www.drillserv-tunisia.com.tn
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Greentech, Tech & Software         
Team: 5
Contact: Hamza Essayeh, Engineer & Co-Founder  | contact@drillserv-tunisia.com.tn | Tel: +216-97660015

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