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A mobile platform that engages parents in their kids’ growth process.
Nader Zouaoui, Zakaria Hatira, Co-Founders eDonec

Because tommorow's leaders are today's kids, and because it is easier and more efficient to grow strong children than to fix shattered adults, eDonec has created a mobile platform that engages parents in their kids’ growth and personal development both while in the kindergarden and at home.

eDonec is a multisided mobile platform designed to tackle the main factors at the source of the problem through its four main features.

The primary feature is a feed that allows a caretaker to take photos of the child performing various day-care activities and to send them to the parent while he carrying out their daily routine. By having daily insights on the child’s day, parents are able to go beyond the typical after-work conversation; thus, creating a wider spectrum of topics to discuss with the child, which induces a better domestic communication and a more engaged parent.

eDonec was one of the winners of the Elevator Roadshow in Tunisia and joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2018.


Website: www.eDonec.com
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Education
Team: 4
Contact: Nader Zouaoui, Co-Founder & Co-CEO | Nader.Zouaoui@eDonec.com | +21625652424 | +21653231468

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