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Innovative event and tickets management platform.
Shadi A. Baker, Eventati

Eventati offers an event and ticketing management platform. It is a self-service space allowing for anyone to create, organise, share and promote, manage and sell tickets.
The platform is adapted to all kinds of events such as music, performing art, festivals, fundraising, political, parties, seminars, workshops, training, tours and more. The aim is to share thoughts, passion and keep everyone connected and up-to-date.
Its main advantages are:

  • Creating global scale experiences and memories
  • Improving social innovation and interaction
  • Reduce paper printing by providing environmentally friendly tickets
  • Making the organisation of events easy for everyone

Eventati joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community through the Elevator Roadshow organised in Palestine in 2017.


Website: www.eventati.me
Country: Palestine
Sector(s): Ticketing, event registration
Team: 1
Contact: Shadi A. Baker, Founder & CEO | shadi.baker@gmail.com | +972599358822

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