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Evey Technologies

An online platform for surveying and real-time analytics
Team Evey Technologies

Evey Technologies is a mobile and web multi-sided social platform that helps organisations manage and engage their communities with real-time votes and surveys and advanced analytical dashboard system that provides profiling, mapping and networking data. Evey offers solutions for 3 main areas:

•    e-governance/e-participation: via Vote for companies (HR), associations, organisations, political parties... especially conceived to resolve conflicts and initiate dialogue among stakeholders.
•    Event organisation: engage the audience with panels and manage the entire value chain of events from the badging to the reporting phases.
•    Market study: Evey Technologies allows to spread digital democracy and to make everyone’s voice heard without judgement or manipulation.

Evey Technologies won the Seedstards World competition in Tunisia in 2016 and joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2019 when selected to benefit from the Start-up Booster Track international acceleration programme.


Website: www.evey.live
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Tech & Software
Team: 6
Contact: Noomen LAHIMER, Founder & CEO, evey.technologies@gmail.com - Tel: +216 24922277

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