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FIBUS Engineering

Software engineering of the finest enterprise business software solutions.
Mohamed TOUNS, Co-Founder & CEO of FIBUS Engineering

FIBUS Engineering is a Tunisian software engineering company that has created two software innovations: FIBUS Stock FA and FIBUS GPAO.

FIBUS Stock FA is a software designed to manage the lifecycle of technical stocks and fixed assets for telecommunications operators. It is an integrated software package that provides the solution to all the company's needs to manage technical stocks and fixed assets with high turnover and geographically dispersed. It helps the traceability and governance of technical assets through the virtualisation and the automation of business operational operating flows of equipments, from reception to reform.

FIBUS GPAO is designed to provide the solution to issues that arise in the monitoring, controlling and collecting of production data for industrial environments working in the chain and based on operators's checkin/checkout. The system provides a real-time overview of the progress status of production orders in the factory, the status of the positions occupied, and the assignment status of operators on tasks.   

FIBUS Engineering joined THE NEXT SOCIETY in 2017. It was one of the winners of the pitching session organised in Tunisia.


Website: www.fibusengineering.com
Country: Tunisia
Team: 4
Contact: Mohamed TOUNSI, Co-Founder & CEO | mohamed.tounsi@fibus.com.tn | +21670834068 | +21621234 334 | +216 94117979 | +21671821443

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