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Making the e-commerce world more fun!
Team Gamiphy

Gamiphy is coming up with creative ideas to make online shopping an engaging, adventurous, and a rewarding experience.

The solution uses a combination of games and rewards to create an user engagement and retention platform that helps brands, e-commerce site owners and online businesses attract, engage and retain more customers through gamification. While using the game editor, users can easily choose a theme, insert their brand logo, add some music, establish rewards, publish a game, and convert customers.

In adittion to reshape their marketing strategy, Gamiphy allows users to track customer interests through interactive quizzes and achieve business goals by understanding what the customers are seeking.
Gamiphy joined THE NEXT SOCIETY 2nd cohort of start-ups in 2019 following the 2nd call for applications for the Start-up Booster Track launched in Palestine.  


Website: www.gamiphy.co
Country: Palestine
Sector(s): Marketing Technology    
Team: 10
Contact: Aws ALNABULSI, Ramzi BARAKAT, CEO, aws@gamiphy.co, ramzi@gamiphy.co - Tel: +972 595294014

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