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Optimizing the access and management of irrigation water in farms and green spaces.
Meryam El Ouafi, GEMS

GEMS provides and develops an innovative solution in the Moroccan market for the sector of agriculture and irrigation through a unique porous and underground irrigation tube based on nanotechnology.
This system addresses the problem of water scarcity and the difficulty of optimizing the management of irrigation water in farms and green spaces and the problem of high costs associated with it.
In fact, its solution saves 50% to 80% water compared to the drip system using low energy and can increase productivity by 15% to 30% while reducing the cost of water, energy, fertilizers and manpower. It targets the regional, national and African market based on a progressive marketing strategy and reseller partners.

GEMS – Green Engineering Mission Sarl joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2018 when it was selected online to pitch their project during Get in the ring Morocco 2017 Start-up Competition to which the initiative partnered. 


Website: www.gems.ma
Country: Morocco
Sector(s): Agriculture, Irrigation
Team: 6
Contact: Meryam El Ouafi, Co-Founder | meryamelouafi@gmail.com | gemsarl2017@gmail.com | +212663000200