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GO Platform

Global Opportunities is the first discovery & opportunity platform for all youth in Algeria

Global Opportunities is the First opportunity discovery platform for all youth in Algeria. They are dedicated to creating a culture that empowers everyone, regardless of background or of skillset, to make the world a better place.

The purpose is to facilitate young people in translating every opportunity into success. They work relentlessly to create an efficiency bridge between opportunity seekers and opportunity providers for mutually beneficial development through sharing of information.

Their mission is to give access for all the young people to connect, develop, and benefits from the Worldwide and different opportunities in all sectors and their Vision is to empower youth to be at the forefront of sustainable global change.


Website: www.go-platform.com
Country: Algeria
Sector(s): Education
Team: 4
Contact: Nour El Houda Et Tsaalbi, CFO  | nourelhoudaettsaalbi@gmail.com | Tel: +213 659863760

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