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Hebron Leather and Shoe Cluster

Improve the competitiveness of the footwear industry in Palestine
Team Hebron Leather and Shoe Cluster

Leather and Shoes Cluster started with a core group member of 18 SMEs across the leather and shoes value chain in Hebron. Since then, the cluster has expanded to include around 80 active members with inclusive representation for the whole value chain like:

  • Tanneries
  • Chemicals suppliers
  • Accessories suppliers
  • Designers, Mold Makers, Sole makers and Last Makers Shoes
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers

Created in 2013, Hebron Leather and Shoe Cluster strategy is scoped out using participative bottom up approach following to a long and efficient diagnosis study.

The Palestinian Hebron Leather and Shoe Cluster joined THE NEXT SOCIETY Cluster Booster Track in 2017.


Website: www.hlsc.ps

Country: Palestine

Sector: Footwear           

Members: 50

Contact: Mohammed HUSAIN, Cluster Manager – mohammed.husain@pal-cluster.ps - Tel: +970 599 300 049

Picto_facebook_bleu_TNS-PNGsmall.png Hebron Leather and Shoe Cluster