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Digital Africa Campus


Discover the masterclass “How to communicate and re-assess fundraising activities in times of crisis?” organised by THE NEXT SOCIETY during the Resilient Summer School 2020 of Digital Africa. 

04 | 02 | 2021


EuroQuity Platform - Matchmaking platform to foster the growth of businesses

EuroQuity is an online matchmaking platform for investors, companies and their partners. Created in 2008 by Bpifrance, the service has grown in partnership with projects of the European Commission as well as major public and private international organizations.

To date, EuroQuity has a proven track record of success with +12.200 companies, +1.800 investors and +1.200 business support services listed on the platform, and over 550 M€ raised in Equity funding.

03 | 02 | 2021

user testing arabic Jordan

Meet UserTestingArabic, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Jordan!

UserTestingArabic.com makes easy for businesses to understand how customers and visitors interact with their websites, allowing them to improve their user experience and get customers more satisfied.

01 | 02 | 2021

moodift Lebanon

Meet Moodfit, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Lebanon!

Moodfit was founded in 2016 as a platform that offers a hassle-free online home furnishing and decoration service from curated professional interior designers. Through Moodfit’s platform and design tools, clients get to choose the designer who would submit a design that fits their style and furniture budget.

01 | 02 | 2021

HawKar Tunisia

Meet HawKar, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Tunisia!

HawKar is a social innovative Tunisian start-up which develops vehicles especially adapted to people with reduced mobility. HawKar’s smart electric car is directly accessible in a wheelchair, compact, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

01 | 02 | 2021


Meet OC Studios, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Egypt!

OC Studios works on visualising and presenting real estate and architectural projects using a set of products and services based in Augmented and Virtual reality technologies.

01 | 02 | 2021

Brenco BRINOVA Algeria

Meet Brenco E&C and BRINOVA, THE NEXT SOCIETY partner and innovator shaping the future in Algeria!

Brenco is a leading Algerian consulting and engineering company, providing market intelligence, business modelling, design thinking and support services for organisations based on people-centric strategies. / BRINOVA is a research-based eco-construction start-up providing green building materials.

01 | 02 | 2021

C-Green Lebanon

Meet C-Green, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Lebanon!

C-Green is transforming the sludge into a 100% local organic fertilizer by using a special process for the treatment and by following FAO guidelines. The treated sludge will then be used in agriculture and landscaping.

01 | 02 | 2021

Stone & Marble

Meet The Stone & Marble Cluster, THE NEXT SOCIETY innovator shaping the future in Palestine!

The Stone & Marble Cluster is a group of enterprises and related and supporting institutions based in North Hebron, Palestine. The cluster offers the space for enterprises to cooperate in order to develop and to increase their competitiveness.

01 | 02 | 2021