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Impilo Med

Assembling therapeutic and treatment functions in a single, efficient, low-cost all-in-one device, the SMD!
Team Impilo Med

Impilo Med's mission is to improve the quality of medical care by designing and developing high-performance medical devices that can be adapted to the needs of the patient and accessible to all. They put all major therapeutic and treatment functions in a single, efficient, low-cost and all-in-one device, the SMD – Smart Modular Device!

The SMD is an all-in-one device for monitoring, treatment and drug administration. It is a modular and commutable system that fits the needs of the patient (one module for one medical function) and it does not require proprietary disposables. For example, the SMD machine can infuse with a standard infuser, which costs 30 DA, far from the 3-4 USD of specific consumables. It also allows to reduce by a factor of 3 the cost of the different equipment (to monitor a patient, to administer medication, to infuse him/her…), all gathered in one equipment.
It has joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2019 through the 2nd call of applications for the Start-up Booster Track in Algeria.


Website: www.impilo-med.net
Country: Algeria
Sector(s): Healthcare
Team: 2
Contact: Walid Noui, Co-Founder and CEO, contact@impilo-med.net - Tel: +213 559475636

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