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Wireless sensory network of smart traps
Team IoTree

​IO Tree (Internet of Trees) is a wireless sensory network of smart traps connected to a mobile application interface in order to signal to the farmer remotely and wirelessly useful information about: the outbreak of pests, the amount and dosage of pesticides that he needs to apply, and the timing through which he needs to apply these pesticides.

IO Tree uses artificial intelligence in order to process the images captured through its smart traps (through a camera mounted on each smart trap), building a repository and an entirely new data set of pesticides and insects that will train the initial data set inhibited through demo experiments prior to the product release.

IO Tree’s unit smart trap consist of a new customized trap built using 3D printing, a camera, a specific pheromone in order to capture and attract the insects towards the trap, sensors in order to remove the smart trap from sleep mode, and a microcontroller connected to the camera. the image processing technique aims to distinguish a specific type of dangerous type of pests from random insects and pests that might not be harmful to the yield.

Hence, the warning sent from the main server certainly warns about the presence of pests even if they were only a very few pests, making the farmer capable of applying pesticides in order to prevent any outbreaks or any future inconveniences.  

It has joined THE NEXT SOCIETY 2nd promotion of startups in 2019 when it was selected to participate to Vivatech in the framework of the Start-up Booster Track.


Country: Lebanon
Sector(s): Environment
Team: 3
Contact: EL TURKY Nisrine, CEO, nisrine.turky@gmail.com, Tel : +961-04 414470, +961-3 970742


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