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Health is a unique area of innovation, and the digital transformation of this sector represents a great opportunity, whether it is to create jobs, improve access to care for the greatest number of people, or reduce the costs of health systems under pressure facing the ageing populations.

In the South Med region, while the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the fragility and unpreparedness of these countries' health systems in the face of health emergencies, it has also forced them to adopt innovative solutions to deal with unprecedented disruption.

There is an urgent need to restructure these health systems by deploying new technological and innovative solutions capable of providing a modernised and efficient service that meets the growing expectations of the populations. Moreover, the integration of digital technologies in health systems will encourage private sector participation and foster entrepreneurship in this field.

With this third episode on HealthTech, ANIMA and FEMISE continue their webinar series "THE NEXT SOCIETY: NOW AND LIVE!" to explore from three different angles - at the policy level, with intermediary organisations and on the start-up scene- the situation of this sector in the region and the conditions for a successful transition towards more efficient health systems. Download the agenda.


Watch the replay #NOWANDLIVE Episode 3 on HealthTech

This event was organised in the framework of ANIMA international webinar series. If you missed our preious episodes, watch the replay on ourYoutube channel.