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Bringing affordable and high-quality medical testing solutions to Morocco.
Abdeladim Moumen, CEO, Head of R&D projects at MAScIR

Moldiag is developing and producing highly innovative molecular diagnostic tests for several predominant diseases in Morocco such as cancer or infectious diseases. The tests are technically simple, accurate, quick, and clinically validated in both Morocco and Europe, and most notably, they are very cost-effective.
All patents are deposited in both Morocco and internationally. They allow doctors to give the right treatment to their patients, to follow their treatment and to know exactly weather the treatment has been efficient or not.  

Moldiag’s tests will cost three to five times less than the current market price in addition to their technical quality which will make them very competitive.
The new medical innovation, and the potential impact and scalability earned Moldiag 150,000 dollars in the 2015 African Entrepreneurship Award organised by the BMCE Bank of Africa. In 2018, Moldiag won the DEMO Africa Casablanca event.

It joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2018 when it was selected online to pitch their project during Get in the ring Morocco 2017 Start-up Competition to which the initiative partnered.

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Website: Not available
Country: Morocco
Sector(s): Medical sector
Team: 5
Contact: Abdeladim Moumen, CEO, Head of R&D projects at MAScIR | a.moumen@mascir.com | +212622702062


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