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Moroccan Solar Cluster

A valuable opportunity to boost the green economy!
Team Cluster Solaire

The Moroccan Solar Cluster, an association of solar sector actors, is an innovative and ambitious platform that works to develop a competitive solar industry sector.

By mobilising professional organisations, industrialists, researchers and academics, Cluster Solar brings together multiple resources and skills, encourages collaboration and cooperation, fostering the emergence of synergies between public and private actors with 4 activities:

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Formation
  • Industrial capacity-building

Created in 2014, the Moroccan Solar tends to bring out synergistic and intersectoral projects to create a technological environment at the forefront of the global energy development.

The Moroccan Solar Cluster joined THE NEXT SOCIETY Cluster Booster Track in 2017.


Website: Cluster Solaire

Country: Morocco

Sector(s): Solar and renewable energies

Members: 94

Contact: Fatima Zahra ELKHALIFA, General Director -  f.elkhalifa@clustersolaire.ma  -  Tel: +212 522 585 350

Picto_facebook_bleu_TNS-PNGsmall.png Cluster Solaire / Moroccan Climate Innovation Center