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Next Gen Corp

Identifying new issues to offer brands innovative solutions.
Moez Lachneb, Next Gen Corp

Next Gen Corp is a company that develops innovative software and hardware solutions in several sectors as education, healthcare, virtual rehabilitation and IT expertise & development. 
Its real-time interactive apps based on virtual and augmented reality assist patients with psychological or physical challenges to improve their daily living skills. Next Gen Corp is revolutionising the rehabilitation therapies by offering a complete package accessible in two modes: an office mode for assisted assessment & rehabilitation, and a home mode for monitoring and personal use. NextGen Corp has the first R&D laboratory in Tunisia specialising in rapid prototyping in the health sector. 

It was awarded Best Young Leader in Tunis by CJD Business Awards 2017 and joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2017 when selected to participate in BigBooster International Startups Acceleration Program


Website: www.ngcorp.tn
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Bio & Health, E-health, Education
Contact: Moez Lachneb, CEO & Co-Founder | moez.lachneb@gmail.com | +21671703 611

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