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THE NEXT SOCIETY & DiafrikInvest @Emerging Valley

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Marseille France

ANIMA Investment network team will be at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille during Emerging Valley for two major events: the first NEXT SOCIETY Power Dinner and the first meeting of DiafrikInvest Investors Club.

During the afternoon of 20 November, 6 THE NEXT SOCIETY entrepreneurs and 5 DiafriKInvest entrepreneurs will meet investors along with 60 entrepreneurs of the Social & Inclusive Business Camp (SIBC) of the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). The afternoon will start with two parallel sessions: one icebreaking session for the start-ups and a workshop that will tackle the questions that EU Business Angels have in regards to investing in North Africa, West Africa and Central Africa: legal constraints, funds recoveries, existing securities forms, etc. Investors and start-ups will then gather for a pitching session and one-on-one meetings based on requests and matches made prior to the event.

If you are an investor and would like to connect with Mediterranean entrepreneurs whose strong growth is based on a major social impact component to build THE NEXT SOCIETY and shape the future of the Mediterranean, please contact Chloé Kuder, EBAN Projects Manager at euprojects@eban.org. Power diners are the occasion to structure profitable and sustainable partnerships with innovative entrepreneurs.

That’s not all: 3 entrepreneurs supported by THE NEXT SOCIETY and DiafrikInvest will also take part to the second edition of the SIBC that will start in September with a digital onboarding. This is aimed to help the participants to get to know the course team, exchange with one another and learn a common basis of knowledge before the camp. Among other things, the participants will follow a training programme on the "art of PITCHING"! They will discover technics and postures to become efficient public speakers and be ready to "pitch" their projects in front of our partners and investors during the SIBC.

More details on the programme soon.