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Improve visual abilities and ease visual diseases from home
Team Optomedicine

Optomedicine designs applications to serve the eye health field by using optometry techniques, in order to save money, efforts and time between the medical team and the patients. It serves the patients from all over the arabic world, and facilitate them to improve their visual abilities, and ease their visual diseases while they are setting in their homes.

The start-up develops the Global Health Technology project which provides distance computerised vision therapy for customers from 38 countries as one of our services.

The Computerised Vision Therapy app for vision impairment is a programmed graphic software which trains and stimulates the brain neurons and the eye muscles. Doctors can prescribe it to diagnose or treat vision and patients just have to download the software and work on it on its home PC screen.

The start-up joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2019 following the 2nd online call for applications for the Start-up Booster Track in Palestine.


Website: www.optomedicine.com     
Country: Palestine
Sector(s): Health, Technology, Software    
Team: 8
Contact: Ahmed TANNEERA, Founder, ahmed.taneera@gmail.com - Tel: +970 599688796

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