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Development of the new insect protein industry

Proteinea raises insects with the aim to replace fishmeal in aquaculture and animal feeds with sustainable and more environmental insect-based protein. 

Over 30% of food is wasted which, in addition to other organic waste, is mostly sent to landfills creating toxic greenhouse gases. Black soldier fly larvae provide a valuable solution to this global problem, as they naturally upcycle nutrients from organic matter. 

This environmentally responsible approach reduces the volume in landfills while delivering high-quality nutrients for animal feed and pet food. Nothing wasted, everything gained.

They are developing an automated insect factory, using organic waste streams as inputs and producing sustainable protein and by-products as outputs.


Country: Egypt
Sector(s): Agrifood, Biotech, Food      
Team: 5
Contact: Mahmoud Eljendy, Co-founder & Development Director | mahmoud@proteinea.com | Tel: +201 122998088

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