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Improving the psychosocial well-being of children through the use of puppets.
Puppets4Kids in action

Puppets4Kids (P4K) is a social entrepreneurship enterprise currently working as a department under the umbrella of Yes theatre. It established its work in 2014.
It’s a collaboration of professional entrepreneurship puppetry practitioners who graduated from YT programs to work directly with marginalized communities across the district in order to foster better psychological wellbeing, provide recreational and extracurricular activities for children and young people especially in the marginalised areas in West Bank through social entrepreneurship.

It aims at fostering the professional dialogue dynamics necessary for improving the mental health problems and psychosocial well-being of Palestinian children and youth through the medium of puppet theatre. 

P4K joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2017, it was one of the winners of the Elevetor Roadshow in Palestine. 


Website: www.yestheatre.org
Country: Palestine
Sector(s): Creative Industries
Team: 4
Contact: Mohammad Issa, General Manager | Yes.theatre@gmail.com | +97022291559 | +970599914613

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