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Qaleb Studio

In-house created pre-designed templates and mockups with Arabic & Islamic flavour!
Team Qaleb Studio

Qaleb Studio is an online platform that offers in-house created pre-designed templates and mockups with Arabic & Islamic flavour. These templates & mockups can be edited and customised online easily, instantly and downloaded by users of even minimal digital literacy. Qaleb Studio addresses the digital divide and digital literacy challenges through:

•    Hardware: the platform does not require hefty hardware, allowing any computer access to its digital product that is processed on the cloud, alleviating the load on the user's computer itself.
•    Software: Qaleb Studio's solution does not require the user to pay any fees for the utilisation of the platform, only one USD per design.
•    Learning curve: Qaleb Studio's UI and UX have been developed to be easily comprehensible by non-experienced users through minimising the required designing tools and providing an extensive library of pre-designed templates.

Simple drag and drop to edit the pre-designed templates or even design from scratch, making the process much quicker and easier!

Qaleb Studio joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2019.

In April 2019, Qaleb Studio was selected among the 24 startup finalists of the 2019 GIST Tech-I competition. Tech-I Finalists will now undergo online training prior to flying to Bahrain to participate in the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

Qaleb Studio was also awarded as EWC Jordan Winner in services from 30 world class and advanced to the Entrepreneurship World Cup.


Website: www.behance.net/Qaleb
Country: Jordan
Sector(s): Graphic Design
Team: 3
Contact: Abas AL ASMAR, Founder, info@qalebstudio.com - Tel: +962 786441813    

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