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Making simple, standardised and guaranteed recycling a click away.
Hadi Fathallah, Recyclo

Recyclo is working on restructuring the recycling industry by making it more digital, financially sustainable, and less volatile for rag pickers, small holders recyclers, industry and local governments.                

It offers a suite of services that helps recyclable commodity traders and recyclers trade scraps and recyclables at the local level and across borders, and navigate price volatilities. It presents a simple digitised platform that simplifies the current trading process and that levels the trading playing field for all traders. 

Since most of scrap collectors and traders tend to be self-made and self-educated, Recyclo’s platform and mobile app is simple and efficient which allows them to navigate the trading complexity and provide the opportunity to mitigate the price variability.

Recyclo was one of the winners of the Elevator Roadshow in Lebanon and joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2017.


Website: www.recyclo.me
Country: Lebanon
Sector(s): Waste Management and Recycling
Team: 4
Contact: Hadi Fathallah, Chief Economist | hadi@recyclo.me | +9611361719 | +9613844103

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