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Research to Innovation Lab (R2I Lab) programme in Lebanon


The Royal Scientific Society (RSS, Jordan) in partnership with Berytech launches THE NEXT SOCIETY Research to Innovation Lab (R2I Lab) programme in Lebanon. This programme will be delivered digitally to 18 managers of Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) selected in 15 leading universities and research centres in Lebanon.

For whom?
The Research to Innovation Lab (R2I Lab) is intended for managers of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs), Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTOs) and similar organisations or services playing a role of interface between research with industry.

What does the R2I Lab include?
The R2I Lab is an action-oriented training programme. It provides tailor-made guidance from experts of Jordan’s iPARK - Royal Scientific Society and opportunities to get local and international exposure to promote technology portfolios. The programme includes group sessions (up to 6 participants per group), one-to-one sessions, and off-line work. 3 managers will be awarded the oppotrtunity of a soft landing mission in a fellow TTO or KTO in Europe or in the MENA region in 2021 to establish technology partnerships.

Outcomes for your TTO

  • A portfolio of transferable technologies
  • A roadmap for commercialisation & a pitch deck
  • A greater visibility and recognition within your institution and nationally
  • National and international networking opportunities including soft landing missions for the TTOs with the most promising portfolios