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Automate your social media customer service.
Abdalla Odat, Sadeed

Sadeed is solving one of the biggest problems in Social Media for businesses and companies. In fact, followers wait too long sometimes and do not receive replies for their comments on social media, while companies invest a large amount of resources in order to maintain their customer service over social media.

Sadeed develops a platform that understands and responds to follower’s comments over social media. Sadeed uses AI & machine learning to improve its performance and understand all followers inputs no matter the language they use.

Through Sadeed, saving employees time by replying to comments within seconds and filtering abusive comments instantly by offering 24/7 availability with no effort made became possible. The platform also offers a powerful dashboard with insights on how many comments get processed, replied to, ignored or removed for abuse.

Sadeed was one of the winners of the Elevator Roadshow in Jordan and joined THE NEXT SOCIETY community in 2017. It gained international attention in May 2018 when it won the ArabNet Startup Championship.


Website: www.sadeed.io
Country: Jordan
Sector(s): AI, Customer Service
Team: 7
Contact: Abdalla Odat | odat@sadeed.io  | +962779585686

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