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Sannula Safe MedTech

Towards a safer medical working environment

Our focus is to introduce safe medical Solutions to the healthcare (HC) sector, which protects Healthcare Providers (HCPs) from blood transmitted diseases (BTDs) infections.

The sannula invention is an intravenous access that will be used for giving IV fluids and blood transfusion solving the 3 main occupational hazards.

  • Needle stick injury: risking the nurse life with the blood transmuted disease.
  • Undesirable blood backflow: get contaminated with the patient’s blood
  • Vein rupture: losing the patient’s vein.

With innovative Sannula design it has all the Features of the conventional intravenous access and the new safety ones with none of their disadvantages.

They joined THE NEXT SOCIETY and were amongst the 20 winning start-ups going to Boston during BigBooster 2019.


Website: www.sannula.com
Country: Jordan
Sector(s): Health    
Team: 6
Contact: Ziad ABU AYYASH, CEO - ziad@sannula.com