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Immersive Design Workflow

Being able to communicate architecture is not an easy thing, it's hard to find a point of context with a wide audience and SARAAB works to enable that touch, fill communication, collaboration, visualization gaps within the team and with their clients.

Immersive Design Workflow designed for architects by architects, offers a digital workspace for your team to manage the design process interactively with Agile tools, 3D and VR/AR. Leave the long email threads, long meetings and printing blueprints era behind and make your clients partners in the process, review, mark-up and validate every step of the design in real time through the Design Narrative Interface, Web based 3D and VR/AR accessible anywhere anytime and embeddable in any Website.

SARAAB aims to help steering creative processes efficiently into powerful outcomes resulting in efficient, cost effective, smart, people oriented buildings of the future and let Architects focus on what they do best… Design.

It has joined THE NEXT SOCIETY 2nd promotion of startups in 2019 when it was selected to participate to the Innovators Academy in the framework of the Start-up Booster Track.


Website: www.saraab.net

Country: Palestine
Sector(s): AEC, Architecture, Agile Management, 3D, VR/AR
Team: 4
Contact: Omar K. Aboudi, Founder & CEO, o.aboudi@saraab.net - Tel: +970569318365

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