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SATELIT project

Technology transfer offices implemented in 6 universities partners of the Erasmus+ SATELIT project

Six partner universities of the Erasmus+Satelit project have implemented Technology Transfer Offices (TTO). The partner universities were in the process of building an internal strategy for the commercialization of research, innovation and transfer combined with employability purposes.

The implementation of these offices went along with the creation of a legal and institutional framework for university technology transfer offices. This legal framework will allow project leaders to build up a monetization model for their research.

A total of some sixty agreements as well as 12 patents and 4 spin-offs have been signed. Several projects supported by the funded TT pilot offices are already at an advanced stage of maturation.

A partnership agreement has been signed among SATELIT project and the project THE NEXT SOCIETY carried out by ANIMA Investment Network and co-financed by the European Commission.


Website: www.satelit-project.com  
Country: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, France
Team: 16
Contact: Camille de Garidel-Thoron, Director of the Mediterranean Development and Cooperation Cluster & Téthys Network | camille.DE-GARIDEL@univ-amu.fr | Tel: +33(0)413553013