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Smart Gourmet

Healthy Ready to Eat Food (RTE) with no preservatives, rich in Vitamins and with extended shelf life up to one year

SmartGourmet is the first and only ready-to-eat line of products, where raw ingredients are cooked inside a biodegradable plastic bag, under vacuum, with a uniquely-designed cooking machine and process.

With no preservatives, rich in vitamins, bacteria free, and with an extended shelf life up to 1 year.

Hommos, baba ghannouj, warak arish, fawaregh and the recently added garlic paste, all classic staples of the Lebanese cuisine, are part of their product range with more items in development. 

With this innovation, they make tasty and healthy authentic Lebanese cuisine available to fans of Lebanese fare around the world. 

They joined THE NEXT SOCIETY and were amongst the 20 winning start-ups going to Boston during BigBooster 2019.



Website: www.smartgourmet.net 
Country: Lebanon
Members: 16
Sector: Food
Contact: Jad ATALLAH - jad@smartgourmet.net 

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