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Managing your home remotely to maximise your comfort!
Team Smart Home

As a researcher in RFID chipless tags, Soumya believes in the promising future of this technology. That’s why she combines chipless and chipped technologies to develop a smart home solution with  the required level of intelligence allowing controlled costs and comfort.

With Smart Home, the house remains connected to alert you remotely, but automates a number of actions that you often forget: switch on the heating economy mode when going on vacation, turn off the lights as you leave, cut the radiator of a room which window is open or send you the camera shots in case of intrusion detection.

Smart Home level of "intelligence" depends on the number of sensors, actuators and rules you choose to install in your home. You choose your own Smart Home, from managing the essential features (heating, intrusion, fire safety) to homes capable of managing multiple light scenes, outdoor watering...

Smart Home joined the NEXT SOCIETY during the Innovators Academy organised in April 2019 by APII, EBAN and ANIMA in Tunisia. It was among the 3 prize-winning projects awarded by the jury as the most promising research-based start-ups.


Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): IOT, RFID, WSN
Team: 1
Contact: Soumaya SAKOUHI, Founder, soumaya.sakouhi@gmail.com - Tel: +216 25 677 262