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StartUp MENA Booster


As part of THE NEXT SOCIETY, StartUp Maroc launched its program StartUp MENA Booster, the tailor-made support programme for high potential startups in the MENA region.

  • What is it?

StartUp MENA Booster is a virtual startup accelerator programme, that aims at defining an actionable roadmap to validate and scale the start-ups’ business, and to help them pivot to face the challenges linked to the global sanitary crisis.

It provides highly customized services to help entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses, explore new markets, prepare to raise funds thanks to individual meetings with first-class experts and group sessions in the form bootcamps. One of the perks is access to the StartUp AFRICA SUMMIT!

  • How is the program organized?

Individual and group sessions will cover several topics (starting and scaling successful businesses including validation, Client Acquisition, Strategy & Pivoting, funding, operations, Market offer, HR, Marketing strategy, etc.).

4 sessions will allow to empower start-ups with different tools :

1. Buyer Utility Map

2. Customer development & Product Development

3. Business Plan

4. Finance and Funding

  • Who takes part to this program?

Originally meant for 25 start-ups, the level of the applications led to a higher number of selected start-ups. The 27 selected start-ups are the following ones :

Moroccans: AZA, CarDiag, Tribaliste, Schoolify, Bahaar, Afiatech, Foodeals, E-Wear, LaFerrai, Power, Bewebloo, Picsprint, Be Wise, Mytindy.

Other participants: Shopless (Egypt), Hero (Egypt), Frata App (Jordan), CONNECT TO FIT (Jordan), Clever (Palestine), Interactive Tales (Palestine), Doroosy (Lebanon), LiveLoveRecycle (Lebanon), COGEMODE (Tunisia), Horizon Education (Tunisia), RESRV (Tunisia), HackUp (Tunisia), growapp (Tunisia), Winshot (Tunisia).

  • Agenda

The program started on the 29th of June 2021, with two different groups :

  • French-speaking entrepreneurs meet every Tuesday, from 12am to 2pm
  • English-speaking participants have sessions every Thursday, from 12am to 2pm

May you have any question or inquiry about the program, please contact zineb.rharrasse@startupmaroc.org or sarah.hassnaoui@anima.coop