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Monitoring the life cycle of medicines
Team TracePharma

Insaf and Jawaher, two students in master’s degree, have developed a system allowing to track a medicine from its manufacture to its administration to patients or destruction if expired. 

The idea of TracePharma is to assign each medicine a register that will follow it throughout its life cycle. This register contains all the data covering the raw materials, the manufacturing protocol, the identity of the operator, the manufacturing report, the quality control report and label of the finished product and the various storages in the laboratory,  central pharmacy, at the wholesaler, in the dispensary and in the hospital pharmacy. Data also cover the patient receiving this medicine as well as the medical staff who administered it. 

TracePharma enables to follow all medicine batches and detect fraud, smuggling and adverse events.

TracePharma joined the NEXT SOCIETY during the Innovators Academy organised by APII, EBAN and ANIMA in Tunisia in April 2019, and was one of the 3 winners out of 15 participating projects of research-based start-ups.


Website: www.isg.rnu.tn/content/bestmod
Country: Tunisia
Sector(s): Health
Team: BESTMOD (Business and Economic Statistics Modeling) ISG Tunis Research laboratory
Contact: Insaf ACHOUR, founder, achourinsaf@hotmail.fr - Tel: +216 92827838 ; Jawaher KORBOSLI, founder, korbosli.jawaher@gmail.com - Tel: +216 41670515